Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turn, turn

Last weekend, we visited the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, where we were married. We had a heavy snow the week before, and then ice covered everything. On Saturday, the temperature rose, the sun came out and winter hinted at spring for a few hours.

It was a bright day and the snow was almost blinding. The sun glinted off the branches of all the trees, which looked like delicate glass. We had to be careful of huge drips from the treetops.

I was fascinated by the buds encased in ice. It's really so beautiful and symbolic it doesn't even need to be explained.

We walked out to the cabin in the middle of a field, where we saw snow shoe prints and the tracks of everyone, man and beast, who came before us.

Inside, small bird prints were scattered on the light snow that had drifted inside on the rough floor.

It was nice to visit in weather the complete opposite of what we had on our wedding day, which was hot and sticky but quite lovely when it cooled down in the evening. I love to see the seasons change, especially in the woods surrounding Krippendorf Lodge (pictured), on whose steps we said our vows.

Seasons change, so do we. We've gone through so much in three years, in fact, that it's almost hard to believe that's us standing on the steps in the early summer sun.

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