Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazon Tribe Photos

It has been revealed that a significant act of guerilla wordfare has been performed--so great, in fact, that that all major news outlets fell for it. Remember the "uncontacted"Amazonian tribe photos? Turns out, they were a propaganda tool for Survival International.

Survival International, the organisation that released the pictures along with Funai, conceded yesterday that Funai had known about this nomadic tribe for around two decades. It defended the disturbance of the tribe saying that, since the images had been released, it had forced neighbouring Peru to re-examine its logging policy in the border area where the tribe lives, as a result of the international media attention. Activist and former Funai president Sydney Possuelo agreed that – amid threats to their environment and doubt over the existence of such tribes – it was necessary to publish them.

Read the rest of the story here.

It is incredible how inventive people can be when they want to get their points across. In this case, I think the ends justified the means.