Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not our Scavenger Hunt

When does curious become nosy?

My husband and I asked ourselves that question on Valentine's Day when we were visiting Big Bone Lick in Kentucky. We had just come from Rabbit Hash in a strange frame of mind, given the unusual characteristics of that small hamlet. On a whim, instead of walking to see the bison herd as we usually do when visiting there, we headed down to the sulphur spring.

After a few wrong turns, we finally smelled, and then saw, the spring. We took some photos and marveled at the briny bubbles coming up from the ground. My husband notices small details, whereas I take in overall impressions, so it was no surprise when he's the one who saw the red rose in the grass right off the trail.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered it had a note wound tightly around the stem and tied with a piece of blue ribbon.

Nobody else was in the parking lot or on the trail, so we decided to take a peek.

The note read:

3.) Jeez 'o peet man!!! Took you long enough to get here!
Pick up the pace!! These flowers DO die you know! Go down*****
and find my sign on the right! Get yourself a flower!

"Don't let my client see you!"

I've omitted the street name in the interest of letting the person who set up this scavenger hunt have some privacy, especially if the next rose was hidden in a location where they work. We put it back exactly as we found it.

We briefly entertained the idea of staying one step ahead of the intended person and drove down the road out of curiosity, but eventually abandoned the hunt when we came to the conclusion this was between two lovers and nothing more. We've seen to many adventure movies.

What would you have done?