Monday, October 20, 2008

Nine Mile Cemetery

This cemetery lies just off a busy road and behind a motel
The Holy Bible
The weeping willow tree

If you live in Cincinnati, you know that we've had some bridge problems lately. Traffic is horribly backed up in the morning, so we've started taking Nine Mile to Kellogg. As we passed Motel 6 on Nine Mile one morning, I spotted a cemetery I had never seen before out of the corner of my eye. I made a mental note to go back and explore that weekend.

This past Saturday morning, my husband and I set out to find this hidden cemetery, just minutes from our house and which neither of us had never seen.

Tucked in an odd corner across from the back of the motel, this small family cemetery is just off the street and seems really out of place, when in reality it has been there since the 1820's and everything else has just appeared over time around it.

I didn't see any new symbols, but I did find a lovely weeping willow (a very popular tradition symbol of mourning) and a Holy Bible in relief (which symbolizes a devout person or clergy member).

If anyone has any information about this cemetery, including the official name, please let me know. It does not seem to be on any map and I cannot find any information.