Monday, January 5, 2009

Guerilla Knitting


Though I find it to be interesting, most cities and towns would call traditional graffiti a nuisance and eyesore. I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who objects to the growing trend of guerilla knitting!

That's right. Instead of cans of spray paint, these artists knit cozies around fence posts, on signs, and even on bench slats. From what I've seen, some actually knit on the spot, but most knit pieces at home and then stitch them to whatever needs a little color and fun!

I spotted these examples in one of my favorite towns. Yellow Springs, Ohio is always a pleasure to visit since the people are generally kind, laid back and creative.

These particular examples are by the Jafagirls:

A big thank you to the artists who brightened up my day! I was in Yellow Springs with my husband to research for a book chapter and this was a pleasant surprise, especially since I had not been to the town in some time.


JafaBrit's Art said...

LOL I am so glad you enjoyed our latest creative bout with knitting. You can see the slide show of our textile totems at our website.

Nancy and I had the most delightful surprise last month. One of the poles was damaged when a truck slammed into it. The village crew carefully slid the knitting off the old pole and put it on the new pole. Now how cool is that woo hoo!!!!!

thanks for the shout out.
regards jafabrit aka Corrine

sam said...

Not that hard pressed to find people who object, actually. There's an army of us reclaiming the world from this ugly new trend. Our weapons of choice are simple scissors and nearby trash cans.
Sorry to disappoint that not everyone finds beauty in this really weird thing.
-sammie....the scissor army!

JafaBrit's Art said...

yea, been a while since Sam posted, but I would warn sam if anyone tried to cut down the knit graff in our town they would more than likely chase them out of town ;) We can't even cut down our OWN knit graff without people complaining lol!

Add to that that destroying a commissioned knit graffiti project would be considered vandalism.