Monday, August 11, 2008

Higginsport Cemetery

Higginsport is on the Ohio River. This cemetery is visible as soon as you get into town. Sadly, it is very old and rundown. The grass had not been mowed in some time and many of the stones are badly damaged.

This stone was broken off at the base. The rest of it was a few yards away.

I really wish I could have read the inscription on the back of this stone. It looks like it was once a very elaborate, detailed story about the person's life. I couldn't read a word of it and don't think a rubbing would have allowed me to read it either. Sadly, the stone was broken off at the base and it was leaning like many others in this cemetery.

This is a nicely aged example of the traditional weeping willow symbol of mourning.

There are quite a few old stones in this cemetery, but unfortunately they are not going to last much longer unless someone steps up to preserve and take care of the site.


katekimble313 said...

Hi! I found your blog through Twitter (I know Erica Minton) and just wanted to tell you I love your photos. I'm a big photography/typography/texture fan, and you've got a cool mix here. What do you shoot with?

Reedie said...

I shoot with a Canon 30D. Thanks for the comment!